lessons from the cat

As may be obvious from the header… we have a cat. His name is Finn. Now that we’re expecting a baby I keep hearing how much we’ll learn about ourselves once the baby is here.  A bit intimidating… considering I feel like I’m already learning a lot about myself from the cat!

Take this morning for example.  Finn sat staring intently out the window. I could just see the wheels turning in his mind, his heart longing for the freedom of the great outdoors (he is strictly an indoor cat due to our living situation, which may come up in a future post).  But then I thought back to yesterday when Jon had started to carry him outside… and the cat went CRAZY! He’s terrified of being outside! We put him on a leash a few times and tried to walk him… disaster! He ran away from the ducks at the pond so fast he almost came out of his harness! But… I digress…

Finn’s (in my opinion obvious) longing for the outdoors and yet his overwhelming fear and dislike of the outdoors when he’s actually there is such a paradox… and incredibly telling of my own heart.  Too often I sit and wish and hope and wonder “what if,” but then when I really get there… it’s not really where I want to be.

I don’t want to be content with my life in the sense that I think this is all there is and it’s enough. No, I long for my heavenly home! But I do want to be content with where I am in life… and if that means sitting and looking out the window on a gray spring day like Finn does… I love it, it’s beautiful.


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