works for me wednesday: my favorite smoothie

I heart smoothies. Seriously, I think I could live off of them… except in the winter. But it’s the perfect time of year for smoothies now and when I want one, I want it quick. No cutting up different fruits, no trying to add the right amount of ice, no no, takes way too long.

My latest favorite is the “Fiesta,” named such because it is made with Aldi’s Fit n’ Active brand of frozen fruit called the “Fiesta Blend”… so not so creative on my part. Anyway, this bag of frozen fruitiness has mango, papaya, strawberries, and pineapple. Chunk some in the blender add some OJ and ta-da, smoothie is served! It’s quick and oh so delicious. Then of course I usually end up leaving the blender sitting in the sink because cleaning it is the not so quick or delicious part. If anyone has tips on how how to easily and quickly clean the blender please send that my way. (and I must shamefully admit that I have tried the leave it in the sink until “someone else” gets to it approach)



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  1. Cleaning a blender could not be easier. Put some water and a little detergent into the blender. Put on the lid. Run for a few seconds. Empty and rinse. Leave to dry on draining board.

  2. That sounds like it would taste VERY good. I love smoothies too because they are so fast (great for on the go!) and make a great treat, yet they are so nutritious too.

    I have a smoothie recipe on my site too and you can expect a lot more because summer is almost here. 🙂
    It’s a High Energy Kiwi Strawberry Honey Breakfast Smoothie. One of my son’s favorites too.

    Never again fear your blender. Stephen is right. Just fill it with water and a touch of liquid dish soap and give it a whirl. Instant presto, a clean blender. If you fill high enough, it will even clean the lid. Just rinse and you’re ready for another yummy treat.

    And welcome to the Bloggetyville Neighborhood. Your blog looks very promising. Keep it up. 🙂

  3. Darn it all, they beat me to it. I do so love to graciously dispense my miniscule kitchen hints knowledge…
    (yup, the dishsoap/water thingee…) I actually love smoothies for breakfast cuz the clean up is so easy!!!

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