works for me wednesday- my favorite cleaning tool

Is it my super duper heavy duty steam cleaner? Or my trusty broom? No! The dustbuster is my weapon of choice when it comes to cleaning! I’m telling you, I seriously heart this piece of household cleaning magic.  In my world it’s the Shark 12.0V cordless vac.  The dustbuster is extremely versatile, it replaces the dustpan after sweeping, in some instances it is a quick fix so I don’t have to sweep, it picks up the smallest bits of anything (very good after cutting my husband’s hair), I mean this little bugger does it all! Don’t take my word for it though….

Finn has a nasty habit when he eats… if he hears a noise or gets distracted he picks his head up from his bowl and as he turns his head manages to sling food out of his mouth (this is why your mother always told you to lean over your plate while eating). The result is this:  It is usually WAY worse than this by the way…. (Jon told me I should sprinkle some extra food around to show what it really looks like, but I didn’t). If it stays there long enough he might eat it (Finn, not Jon) but I’m not about to let that sit around for that long.  Enter DUSTBUSTER….  and presto! It’s spotless!  

And surprise! This post is a two-fer… here’s my second bit of “works for me” advice… The golf ball in the cat food bowl makes Finn slow down while he’s eating to work around the ball and this helps him not get sick afterwards.  (NOTE: If you try this just make sure the ball is large enough that your pet will not choke on it!)


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing what works for you! I need to talk to my husband about getting a better one. We have an Aldi one thats a little sub par. But with all the little messes that come daily with a toddler I know I would use a good one alot!
    C’mon by Wani’s World to check out free films!

  2. I had a dustbuster in the early 90’s and it died nearly immediately lol But lately I’ve been eyeing them again. I’ve wondered if it was really worth it… I do have to say that I am totally intrigued by the golf ball. I had a cat that woofed food down so fast it’d make your head spin. I wish I had heard about that trick earlier. How cool.

    Have a great day!

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