chicken in the hand

We have a new strategy for keeping Finn off the counter while we eat…we pull a chair up to the corner of the table between us and set Finn in it. It works like a charm, he just lays down and hangs out while we eat.

Then there was tonight… We grilled chicken tonight and Jon and I sat down to dinner and put Finn between us. Then Jon got the generous idea to give Finn a bit of chicken (I think my husband is going soft on me… he is normally TOTALLY against giving the cat people food…).  He put a little piece in the middle of his palm and set his hand in front of Finn who immediately went crazy! The cat started smelling and licking every one of Jon’s fingers, but he couldn’t seem to make it to the chicken that was just laying in Jon’s hand. We tried this a few more times and though he got a little faster, he always smelled and licked every finger before realizing the chicken was right there in front of him the whole time. 

Its a good lesson for us… how many times does the Lord lay blessings right in front of us, free, delicious gifts just for us… and we are so busy looking for the blessing that we are blinded to what He’s already provided. If we weren’t so frantic we would see it right there in front of us.

Lord, help me to see the many blessings you’ve given me that are right in front of me!


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