frozen meals

I have a new goal… actually I have lots of goals… maybe I should write about them sometime. But right now I have a goal to make at minimum one extra meal per week until the baby arrives to freeze so we’ll have some good hearty, healthy food when we’re too tired to make it.  If I don’t do this I can very easily imagine us resorting to cereal and french fries (with cheese and ranch dressing). I can imagine this easily because we have, sadly, resorted to this type of fare for dinner on other occasions. There… I’ve confessed it! At least I’m taking a step toward keeping it from happening again. Though I must say, cheese fries with ranch are one of Jon’s favorites and the news that Outback’s Cheese Fries are the #1 worst food for you in America did not stop him from enjoying some this past weekend… (perhaps I should have brought this fact up again when he was talking last night about how he needs to work out because he can’t see his abs anymore!)

So we’ll see how I do with this goal… and I’ll post what recipes I decide to use as I go.


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