works for me wednesday- mom I’m bored

Rocks in my Dryer is hosting the “Mom, I’m Bored” edition of WFMW. This is a bit challenging for me since… I’m only sort of half a mom right now, and when the baby does arrive I’m assuming they’ll be plenty busy eating and pooping and crying… no time for boredom there! So I have looked back into my past (which anyone who knows my memory can tell you this is quite a feat) and have come up with the first two things that popped into my mind.

Read. That’s it… that’s all I did. If I was bored, I picked up a new book. So maybe all you folks who are reading this don’t have kids who are as dorky as me and my sisters were. But I’m telling you, this was really all we had to do and ta-da, boredom is solved.

Fireworks. Yes- when we were bored mom would set us loose in the backyard with a bunch of fireworks, a box of matches and… okay no, that’s not true. It WOULD be an excellent cure for boredom though… I’ll have to keep that one in mind.   No…. our experience with fireworks was much more subdued.  July 5th we would begin, picking up the trash left behind by the fireworks of ourselves and neighbors that had ended up in our yard. We would then turn in our trash to mom and were paid in either M&Ms or pennies for each firework we found (Bek and Bethy is this how it went? I think I’m close… like I said my memory is BAD!)  This tactic also works well on fall weekends if you have one of those gumball trees that drops the prickly gumballs.

So these are a little random, but it’s what I thought of at first.  Happy Summer everyone!


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  1. Haha yes Em – that’s how it worked – until Mom & Dad learned that there were a WHOLE lot more gumballs in our yard than they thought! They didn’t realize how much they’d owe us if they paid us a penny for each gumball… so I think we got some sort of pay cut. 🙂

    Picking up the fireworks was more fun if I remember – they were harder to find so it was more like a scavenger hunt. Picking up the gumballs was a lot like work!

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