a sauna in the pantry

We have a pantry. It’s pretty large and happens to have MASSIVE steam pipes running through it that feed into the whole building… that’s just where they ended up… in our pantry. Typically they have really heavy insulation on them and while it makes the room hot, it works out fairly well (and it’s a GREAT place to put bread to rise!).
This morning there was a puddle and a slow drip coming off the steam pipe through the insulation. Uh oh…. called maintenance.  After stripping the insulation they realized the pipe blew a gasket at one of the connector thingamabobs. So now we have steam leaking into the pantry… until they go down in a manhole tomorrow morning to shut the whole thing down to repair it.
It’s audible…. psssssss…… constantly…. I need to turn my music up.
Yet another exciting tale from the land of res hall living… I mean come on, how many of you have saunas in your pantry!

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