reality check

So the other day I posted about the sauna in our pantry from the broken steam pipe… partly I thought it was funny and partly I was whining… I admit it, I whine sometimes. 

But then last night we were walking back from ice cream (my treat for putting up with the “pssss” sound all day) and we ran into one of the police officers on-campus who Jon has worked with before.  And all of a sudden my little whine from the day got a BIG dose of reality thrown in it’s face. This wasn’t just any police officer… this was the guy who’s home burned to the ground and he and his family lost everything just a little over a week ago. Everything… gone… just like that… with little kids to clothe and feed… and nothing is left.

And I am not exaggerating in the least when I say this has to be one of the friendliest, most sincere people I have ever met. He talked with us a while about the baby coming, and how he loves his job and hopes he gets assigned to a certain area this year because he really feels called to work with the students… and he smiled the whole time.  Before he left he gave me his card… “if you need anything or have any questions give me a call,” he said.

We got home and I was loving my noisy and hot steam pipe leak.


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  1. Emily,

    I didn’t hear about this happening??? That is just awful, how did it happen? Do you know if anyone is helping him out??

    Love you!!

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