he hearts NASCAR

Backstory… my husband likes NASCAR… somehow it developed while we were in grad school. I thought it was just a phase. So far it’s a pretty long and serious phase. Sometimes I’m okay with that, sometimes not… BUT he is super excited about sitting back in the recliner with the baby napping on his chest while he watches the race on Sunday afternoons. I guess I shouldn’t ruin this fantasy by calculating how many diaper changes he’ll need to make within the period of a 500 lap race.

Anyway, to support his love for NASCAR and devotion to racer Greg Biffle, I made him these for Dad’s Day. Though I must admit that I gave them to him on Friday because I am the worst on being patient when I’m really excited about a gift.

Just a note… the AVERY brand of “stretchable” iron-on printer paper seems to work very well. It hasn’t gone through any wear yet, but you can really tug on these things and the image doesn’t crack! Very handy.

BTW… This idea and step-by-step instructions can be found at Hola, Isabel’s blog, here.


One Response

  1. Oh man, these turned out super cute!

    (I didn’t even know there was a specific “stretchable” type of iron-on paper. Thanks for the tip.)

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