keeping our duvet in place- wfmw

So I’m not really the biggest Martha Stewart fan. I mean, I just can’t get excited about someone who goes to jail, gets out, and is instantly famous and loved , there are some issues there for sure. However, I think this idea came from her website… so I must give credit where credit is due… and it WORKS!

Our duvet was always falling down inside the cover. Each morning I’d make the bed and go to pull up the duvet and my hand would just grab the cover… plus, that thing is heavy! so any effort to actually move it back into place just didn’t happen.

I started searching and found this idea: I sewed a strip of grosgrain ribbon (by hand with doubled over thread so it’d be really strong) into each corner of the duvet cover, then I used the ribbon to tie around each corner of the duvet.  Works like a charm! I’ve had it like this for a few months now and it is working out great, it definitely works for me. For other tips that work check out Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in my Dryer.


5 Responses

  1. Thx for that I am going to try it – I had bought those clips you put int he corners but they didn’t last long and were hard if you happened to lie on them. I am tired of just grabbing the cover with no stuffing! I always have to call DH to shake it out because I can’t do it successfully.

  2. I have the same exact problem. It drives me batty. I’ll be putting this idea to good use.

    Thanks!!! =0)

  3. You can tie it in with a shoelace, too. This works great until your five-year-old chews the corner off the duvet cover. (Yes, really. lol)

  4. I really must try this! Thanks 🙂

  5. What a GREAT idea. I will definitely try this. Thanks so much for sharing!

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