more book reviews are needed

I was really hoping to include more book reviews on this blog, but alas, I’ve only got one so far. *sigh* Not to fear I’m planning to add more soon.

Of special interest to me are books that appeal to both guys and gals.  Jon and I really enjoy reading outloud to one another before we go to bed, while one or other of us (usually Jon) is washing dishes, and any other opportune time that strikes. So far we’ve read: the whole Harry Potter series (except for one that we listened to on tape), Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, the first three of the Dark is Rising series, The Hatchet and books following, the first two books in the Mitford series, Safely Home, and… I think that’s about it, at least that’s what I remember at this point.

Books on deck: the remainders of the series that we’ve yet to complete, Little House on the Prairie… yes I’m trying to get my husband to read this with me. This was my favorite series when I was younger and I think it’s an experience he needs!


2 Responses

  1. Yes, these are delicious. I’m whipping up some
    today – per Austin’s request.
    Love, Aunt Kay

  2. Hi Emily,

    I have a book you might be interested in reviewing for one of my clients.

    Please contact me at cg20pm00(at) and we can talk more about it.


    Good luck with the blog.


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