thoughts on sewing

Rocks in my Dryer did a post today on sewing, encouraging folks who have not tried to give it a shot. It’s a good post and has some helpful links. My Mom is an amazing seamstress who sewed a lot our clothes growing up, not to mention all the drapes, bedskirts, some bedspreads, pillows, etc. When I start a new project I inevitably call her at least 10 times just to check that I’m on the right track.

Sewing is one of those things that I WANT to do… but I get frustrated easily when my “vision” doesn’t quickly become reality. You know the feeling? In your head you have this picture of how cute this certain fabric will look in a summery top and then you make it and it looks… homemade… VERY homemade… Little House on the Prairie homemade. *sigh*

I think one of the easiest projects to start on sewing is pajama pants. I made 5 or 6 pairs one Christmas for college roommates. They were cotton drawstring and were practically one-size fits all. It was fun to pick out the fabric that reminded me of each person and it didn’t matter if they were “perfect” or not because… they were pjs of course! (I would model them for you but with my big belly and expanded hips it would not be a becoming picture!)  The pattern shown is some pants sort of like what I made.

I recommend browsing patterns online to get ideas and see what’s out there. Try looking at McCall’s, Butterick and Simplicity to start with. Then wait until they go on sale for $1-$2 at your local fabric store!


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