Uncertainty is considered to be a negative thing here in the 21st century. I am constantly hearing “create goals”, “have a vision”, and “focus on your future” from those around me. What if this philosophy is not written on our hearts? What if we are wired to be content with the uncertainty given to us in our daily life?

These are the things that Emily and I are struggling with right now. Where do we go next? What kind of job will I have? How do we support our children? The struggles of understanding how to find purpose in the everday things such as work, cleaning the dishes, reading books to our children, grocery shopping, and sleep. All of these things need and are good within themselves but where are our hearts.

Can you bear uncertainty? is a blog post by Jon Bloom on Desiring God that rocked my world.

Uncertainty is a good thing. Even the creator and savior of the world did not have a place to lay his head. My prayer is my focus will be to focus on my current situation. To meditate how I can use the next staff meeting, task that is due, or conversation with students or coworkers to spread the “good news”. Oh that I would seek and long after Jesus.

Grace and peace,


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