Together Struggles

This morning I had a meeting to discuss the book The Masculine Mandate. I asked the group a question about how to bring my family up in the admonition of the Lord. I told them that Emily and I were struggling, specifically me as the spritiual leader of the family of how to do this.

Come to find out. All of them have struggled or are struggling with the same thing. I thought it was interesting that most of them said the key is “I have served my wife”. Oh how my eyes continue to be opened to understanding the different ways to serve the King. One of them is to serve my wife.

My take away from todays conversation is by serving my wife I can have a glimpse or a small taste of the infinite joy to come. Today I am going to try to do small things to serve my wife by not focusing on the mudpies but enjoying my time with Emily by conversing with her and serving her around the house.

Grace and peace,


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