thoughts on sewing

Rocks in my Dryer did a post today on sewing, encouraging folks who have not tried to give it a shot. It’s a good post and has some helpful links. My Mom is an amazing seamstress who sewed a lot our clothes growing up, not to mention all the drapes, bedskirts, some bedspreads, pillows, etc. When I start a new project I inevitably call her at least 10 times just to check that I’m on the right track.

Sewing is one of those things that I WANT to do… but I get frustrated easily when my “vision” doesn’t quickly become reality. You know the feeling? In your head you have this picture of how cute this certain fabric will look in a summery top and then you make it and it looks… homemade… VERY homemade… Little House on the Prairie homemade. *sigh*

I think one of the easiest projects to start on sewing is pajama pants. I made 5 or 6 pairs one Christmas for college roommates. They were cotton drawstring and were practically one-size fits all. It was fun to pick out the fabric that reminded me of each person and it didn’t matter if they were “perfect” or not because… they were pjs of course! (I would model them for you but with my big belly and expanded hips it would not be a becoming picture!)  The pattern shown is some pants sort of like what I made.

I recommend browsing patterns online to get ideas and see what’s out there. Try looking at McCall’s, Butterick and Simplicity to start with. Then wait until they go on sale for $1-$2 at your local fabric store!


buggy covers anyone?

Anyone use these shopping cart covers? McCall’s patterns were on sale for $.99 today at the fabric store and I thought I’d give it a shot making one. Are they useful or just a pain to deal with at the store? Maybe it’s too late to ask since I bought the pattern… but I haven’t bought any fabric yet…

these make me smile

My Gran used to make dolls and santas and angels to sell at craft shows… I always loved helping her at her shows or visiting her and looking at each of her dolls.  They all had such personality and each of them was unique.

A friend from college is now making dolls that remind me of my Gran’s in a new and modern kind of way. She started making them when she made one for her own daughter and then people kept asking for them! Check out her blog or her store on etsy for more information about how you can get your own rosie posie doll.

keeping our duvet in place- wfmw

So I’m not really the biggest Martha Stewart fan. I mean, I just can’t get excited about someone who goes to jail, gets out, and is instantly famous and loved , there are some issues there for sure. However, I think this idea came from her website… so I must give credit where credit is due… and it WORKS!

Our duvet was always falling down inside the cover. Each morning I’d make the bed and go to pull up the duvet and my hand would just grab the cover… plus, that thing is heavy! so any effort to actually move it back into place just didn’t happen.

I started searching and found this idea: I sewed a strip of grosgrain ribbon (by hand with doubled over thread so it’d be really strong) into each corner of the duvet cover, then I used the ribbon to tie around each corner of the duvet.  Works like a charm! I’ve had it like this for a few months now and it is working out great, it definitely works for me. For other tips that work check out Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in my Dryer.

he hearts NASCAR

Backstory… my husband likes NASCAR… somehow it developed while we were in grad school. I thought it was just a phase. So far it’s a pretty long and serious phase. Sometimes I’m okay with that, sometimes not… BUT he is super excited about sitting back in the recliner with the baby napping on his chest while he watches the race on Sunday afternoons. I guess I shouldn’t ruin this fantasy by calculating how many diaper changes he’ll need to make within the period of a 500 lap race.

Anyway, to support his love for NASCAR and devotion to racer Greg Biffle, I made him these for Dad’s Day. Though I must admit that I gave them to him on Friday because I am the worst on being patient when I’m really excited about a gift.

Just a note… the AVERY brand of “stretchable” iron-on printer paper seems to work very well. It hasn’t gone through any wear yet, but you can really tug on these things and the image doesn’t crack! Very handy.

BTW… This idea and step-by-step instructions can be found at Hola, Isabel’s blog, here.