my new favorite thing

I really love pictures, but I hate being stuck with what I have. There are so many pictures that I think, hmmm, if I had just done this or that it would be so much more interesting. So today I did a web search for free photo editing online and ta-da… enter Picnik… my new favorite thing!  It’s at

Picnik is free for basic services and registration is super easy. Best of all, the tools are really easy to use and they look great! Take a look at this example. To the right you see a picture of Jon and I in Maine for our first anniversary. We drove… we started at midnight and planned to trade off driving… except I couldn’t sleep, but when I got behind the wheel I got tired. We DO NOT recommend this. Anyway, here we are in this cute fishing village… just your typical touristy photo… ho hum, not too thrilling.

After a little Picniking we ended up with this…. some cropping, a little sepia toning… I like it much more! It’s a lot of fun just to play around. You can change pictures to pencil sketching, add text, add fake snow, great potential!

I will put in the caveat that I’ve only been using this for a few hours and I’ve never printed any photos once edited, so I’m not sure how they will print out.   Let me know what you think!