frugal fridays- girls weekend

I remember in college I had a friend who had an older sister or aunt or someone who once a year had a “girls week” with her college friends. They had been to Lake Tahoe and the beach and all sorts of fantastic places. I remember thinking how wonderful and luxurious that sounded and how I wanted my roomies and I to do just that.

Then reality set in… with jobs and families and gas prices… these kind of retreats sound great but would never be feasible for me or for most people for that matter! Last year though, my college roommates and I decided we wanted to get together. 1 was in GA, 2 in SC, I was in VA, one of us was in England, 2 were expecting babies, and all of us had jobs.  We were so blessed to come together at the house of one of the girls for a weekend. (it coincided with the one from England’s trip to the States and a baby shower for her) 

We all chipped in for food or brought something towards a meal, we ate at the house and cooked together, just like we did in college. We talked… we didn’t feel a need to go out or “do” anything, we just talked for hours… and hours. It was fantastic! It was a wonderful time to reconnect without feeling like we had to go “away” or do anything fancy.

I’m super excited because now, one year later, we’re doing it again this weekend!!! I’ve been looking forward to it for months!


frugal fridays- coke rewards

We don’t drink much soda. We don’t EVER buy soda, but we have an impressive collection of Coke Rewards. For those that aren’t aware, Coke Rewards are earned by inputing codes from underneath the bottle caps of any Coke product into an online account. These points can then be redeemed for prizes.  We mainly use them to get free movies at Blockbuster… I don’t think we’ve paid for a video rental in years.

How do we have these points then if we don’t actually buy or drink soda? We keep our ears and eyes open. Most people don’t want to take the time to input the codes online, so if we know people that drink Coke products we just ask for their bottle caps. We also keep a lookout for litter… recycle the bottle and keep the cap, helps us, helps the earth… nice.

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frugal friday- loose change game

This may be the most ridiculous thing ever posted to Frugal Fridays… but it’s something that Jon and I have done since we started dating in grad school and has been a lot of fun, frugal, and somewhat of a game between us.

We pick up loose change off the ground. That’s it…. that’s all there is to it. We don’t care if the penny is on heads or tails, since we don’t believe in luck it doesn’t matter. We don’t care if it’s just one penny. We just pick it up.  You would be AMAZED how much loose change is lying around that tons of people just walk right by.

What do we do with this change? Well first of all it’s something of a game. Nothing elaborate just, “Hey, I found a DIME yesterday!” (that’s big money in the world of loose change picking-up). “Oh yeah, well two days ago I found a QUARTER!” (this is comparable to a few thousand dollars in our game). Then we both say, “Hooyah!,” give each other high fives and smile.  That’s about the extent of competitiveness in this game.

Next, we put the change in a jar. Then we roll the money at some point when we have some down-time or while watching TV. THEN… we get to spend it! Our favorite is to use rolled pennies to pay for a movie at the local $2.00 theater. We just plunk our rolls down, get our tickets and off we go… it’s a very nice feeling to know that we are enjoying the movie off of money we found on the ground.

Happy hunting!

dry milk and the best coffee ever

Frugal FridaySo I’m finally joining in the fun over on Biblibal Womanhood for Frugal Fridays. It may not be news to other folks but my latest frugal happy is DRY MILK POWDER!  My mom and sisters all grimaced when I told them this but it really is a miracle for us and is helping to stretch our milk MUCH further! I have loved this website which gives great instructions and ideas for powdered milk usage.

Jon was ecstatic when he realized we can even make sweetened condensed milk with powdered milk, so excited was he that he jumped in and made the first batch, why? So that we could make my aunt’s fabulous coffee drink that he is addicted to greatly enjoys!  Basically it’s… 8-10 cups fresh, strong coffee, one can of sweetened condensed milk (or make your own!), a few squirts of chocolate. Mix well, refrigerate and serve over ice. It is the perfect summertime coffee splurge… or wintertime, or whenever the fancy strikes.  No more pricey Starbucks for us!