way to go random guy in the Circuit City parking lot

While this post is technically for Works for me Wednesday, hosted over at Rocks in my Dryer I must admit that I’ve not tried this yet, and I didn’t even see it happen. This comes courtesy of my brother-in-law, Javier.

So apparently, every day when Javier drives to work he notices that the sprinklers around the Circuit City parking lot are set poorly and a large part of the parking lot gets pelted with water.  Now in these days of ecomnomic challenges and water shortages (at least in our area) this is a pretty bad practice. However, today was different… as Javier drove by he noticed a car parked in the area covered by the wayward sprinkler and a man, with soap and a rag, washing his car! I LOVE it! I certainly don’t know this guy’s situation but he is doing a great thing on many fronts: 1) he is putting a wasted resource to good use, 2) he is conserving excess water usage in a time of drought, 3) he isn’t spending money on a car wash, 4) he is providing a level of amusement and curiosity to those driving on their way to work. (I SO wish I had a picture to post of this… I’ll blame that on Javier though!)

So… keep your eyes open… find the wayward sprinklers in your area… and get to washin’.  This is definitely an idea that could work for me! Check out more tips here.


five ingredients or less- wfmw

I know the Five Ingredients or Less edition of Works for Me Wednesday is coming up tomorrow at Rocks in my Dryer…. and today I am on top of my game! My recipe for Mini Sausage Breakfast Pizzas is listed below. These are great because you can make them, freeze them and pop them out for anybody at anytime for breakfast… or lunch… or dinner… or a snack! So here it is, coming in at a very feasible 4 ingredients…..

  1. 1 lb. sausage, cooked and drained well (I usually rinse mine with hot water real good)
  2. 2 jars (5 oz. each) American cheese spread (this is hard to find sometimes… but it’s out there)
  3. 1/4 c. softened margarine
  4. 12 english muffins, split

Beat cheese and butter together. Stir in sausage. Spread on muffin halves. Freeze open faced on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, store in gallon size freezer bags. To cook: From Frozen- 450 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Once Thawed- 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

I didn’t say they were healthy… but mmmmm they’re good!

wfmw: just say no

I had the t-shirt. You know the one, kelly green, big white circle with the words “Just say no.” inside.  I totally wish I still had that shirt, not that it would even come close to fitting, but it would go great on the t-shirt quilt I’ve been working on for 5 years a while. 

More and more though I am realizing the importance of saying, “no,” at the right times and for the right reasons. College was my season of “yes,” I did everything, I went everywhere. It’s midnight and I have a test tomorrow, do I want to play disc golf? “Of course!” ………. Everyone is going out to dinner and I have no money, do I want to go? “Sure”………You get the idea.  In grad school work took precedence and I got better at saying no (though I still couldn’t turn down disc golf at any hour).  Once we were married it got even easier to say no to going out and doing “stuff” all the time, it was great to have time for just the two of us.

I see more now the importance of saying no in so many different areas of my life:

Saying no to things. This covers a huge variety of topics but with increasing gas prices, living on one income, a baby on way, we area learning to say no to a lot of the tangible “stuff” that the world hawks to us. DVDs, expensive foods, fancy new phones every year, fashionable clothes, knick-knacks that clutter up our home, etc. Saying no to these things keeps our budget in check and keeps our lives simpler and free from clutter.

Saying no to “doing.”  I love to go out, Jon is content to stay home and veg pretty much all the time though and this has rubbed off on me some. I’m learning that you don’t have to go to movies or out to dinner or go on a big vacation to have fun, staying at home and being creative can be just as great. Making homemade pizza, renting a movie from the library, reading outloud to each other, going for walks, etc. These are all ways that we avoid the urge to “go and do” and it really gives us more quality time together and keeps life simpler.

Saying no to a spirit of discontent. Sometimes I feel like we say no to everything. Yes, I would love to take an extra trip each month to visit friends or family, but the gas budget doesn’t allow it. Yes, I want that wonderful $5 single scoop of ice cream from the over-priced ice cream shop. Yes, I want to keep that cute little picture even though I have no where to hang it in my home. Sometimes it’s a battle, a fight to be content and happy in saying no, to really remind myself that “things” and events aren’t the makings of a happy life.

On a side note… I am slightly concerned that our child’s first words are going to be “No Finn!” I counted, I’ve told that silly cat “no” 4 times just while sitting here writing this post! Maybe it’s just Finn’s goal in life to give me practice at Just Saying No.

This post is part of Works For Me Wedenesday, hosted by Rocks in my Dryer. Check out more works for me tips.

keeping our duvet in place- wfmw

So I’m not really the biggest Martha Stewart fan. I mean, I just can’t get excited about someone who goes to jail, gets out, and is instantly famous and loved , there are some issues there for sure. However, I think this idea came from her website… so I must give credit where credit is due… and it WORKS!

Our duvet was always falling down inside the cover. Each morning I’d make the bed and go to pull up the duvet and my hand would just grab the cover… plus, that thing is heavy! so any effort to actually move it back into place just didn’t happen.

I started searching and found this idea: I sewed a strip of grosgrain ribbon (by hand with doubled over thread so it’d be really strong) into each corner of the duvet cover, then I used the ribbon to tie around each corner of the duvet.  Works like a charm! I’ve had it like this for a few months now and it is working out great, it definitely works for me. For other tips that work check out Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in my Dryer.

works for me wednesdays- yummy summer supper

One of Jon’s grads gave us this recipe so I can take no credit. We ate it for lunch AND dinner yesterday.  When it’s 100 degrees out (in early June…. and I’m pregnant!) cool meals like this are NEEDED so this definitely works for me! Check out Rocks in my Dryer for more WFMW tips!

1 head of lettuce (I used Iceberg from Aldi)
1 lb. of ground meat (I used already browned ground beef from the freezer, I don’t think it was quite a pound. I would also try this with Aldi’s ground turkey)
2 C of shredded cheddar cheese (didn’t use quite this much)
1 bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos’s (crushed)-(I used the Aldi brand and that worked fine
Tomatoes (amount as desired, I used one container of grape tomatoes, halved)
Creamy Italian dressing (Ranch can be used as well… that’s what we used yesterday)
Then just mix it all together. Here are some other notes:
Let the ground meat cool before adding it to the salad and strain it well.
Don’t crush the chips too much and add them shortly before mixing (they can get soggy quickly).
When adding the salad dressing, add about half the bottle first and then continue to add as desired.
I mixed up a big bowl of this at lunch with just the meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato and then put what we would eat for lunch in a smaller bowl and added doritos and ranch. Then I did the same thing for dinner so that the doritos wouldn’t get mushy. We still have leftovers.

This would be really good for a potluck because it makes a lot. I think next time I would probably just halve the recipe and maybe even freeze the rest of the doritos to use another time to spread it out.

Let me know if you like or if you have other cool summer meals!

works for me wednesday- mom I’m bored

Rocks in my Dryer is hosting the “Mom, I’m Bored” edition of WFMW. This is a bit challenging for me since… I’m only sort of half a mom right now, and when the baby does arrive I’m assuming they’ll be plenty busy eating and pooping and crying… no time for boredom there! So I have looked back into my past (which anyone who knows my memory can tell you this is quite a feat) and have come up with the first two things that popped into my mind.

Read. That’s it… that’s all I did. If I was bored, I picked up a new book. So maybe all you folks who are reading this don’t have kids who are as dorky as me and my sisters were. But I’m telling you, this was really all we had to do and ta-da, boredom is solved.

Fireworks. Yes- when we were bored mom would set us loose in the backyard with a bunch of fireworks, a box of matches and… okay no, that’s not true. It WOULD be an excellent cure for boredom though… I’ll have to keep that one in mind.   No…. our experience with fireworks was much more subdued.  July 5th we would begin, picking up the trash left behind by the fireworks of ourselves and neighbors that had ended up in our yard. We would then turn in our trash to mom and were paid in either M&Ms or pennies for each firework we found (Bek and Bethy is this how it went? I think I’m close… like I said my memory is BAD!)  This tactic also works well on fall weekends if you have one of those gumball trees that drops the prickly gumballs.

So these are a little random, but it’s what I thought of at first.  Happy Summer everyone!

works for me wednesday- my freezer

Here is my new freezer and attached to the front… my new freezer list. As you can see, since the freezer is new, the list is very short.  We’re working on that though!

My plan is to create a typed page of everything that is stocked in the freezer and then with pen mark off and add on until it gets to a point where it needs to be updated. My mom suggested a white board… also an excellent idea and if I happen to see one while I’m out and he asks to come home with me then we might give the white board a try. For now though…. this is it.

I also have my shelves divided. Top shelf- premade meals (there’s nothing there right now), second shelf- meats, third shelf- fruits and veggies, bottom basket- other (right now there’s some cookie dough and walnuts). I’m hoping to use the doors for beverageish items and for frozen baby food when we get to that point.

So as you can see… even though it’s only been with us a short while, the freezer already is working for me! Check out Works for Me Wednesday for more great ideas. Next week Rocks in my Dryer is hosting the “Mom I’m Bored” edition of WFMW. Since I don’t have a child… yet… I am going to have to dig deep and think of something personal, something from when I was young… this should be fun.