sigh… this would be nice

This is my chance! We have been “printerless” for quite some time now. It’s just one of those things I can’t justify buying when I can go to a lab on campus and print. But think how much I could do from home if I had this one.

Wish me a win please!



The TELEcommunications service on our campus no longer uses phones, they only respond to emails.

There’s just something wrong with that.

what to do while waiting

I am learning the art of waiting… sometimes patiently… usually not so patiently… for this baby to arrive SOON!  Since we thought we were going to have a c-section on the 21st (baby was breech but flipped at the last minute- Praise the Lord!) I pretty much had everything ready by the 21st. So it’s been a full week now, due date was yesterday, everything is ready and I am inventing things to do. (You would think I’d be blogging more!) Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Cleaning– this is continual… I just KNOW this baby is going to come at the very instant I let the house become a mess
  • Helping Jon with work– my dear hubby is trying to stay on top of work so he doesn’t fall behind when he stays home for a while after the baby arrives. I’m doing what I can to help.
  • Repairing a quilt– this has been interesting, Jon has this quilt from when he was a baby that we LOVE and use all the time, therefore, it is falling apart. I thought I’d be done with this by now it’s very tedious.
  • Making a grocery bag– I’m crocheting a grocery bag with leftover yarn.
  • Trying to balance food in the freezer and fridge– I don’t want to keep buying food and then let stuff go bad, but at the same time I don’t want to use up our carefully stocked pantry and freezer… hmmm… this is why I have been eating cereal twice a day.
  • Reading– I just finished the first book in the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. It was pretty good. I’m telling you, this lady has done her research to make the story very real!

If anyone has any other ideas to keep me occupied let me know!!

way to go random guy in the Circuit City parking lot

While this post is technically for Works for me Wednesday, hosted over at Rocks in my Dryer I must admit that I’ve not tried this yet, and I didn’t even see it happen. This comes courtesy of my brother-in-law, Javier.

So apparently, every day when Javier drives to work he notices that the sprinklers around the Circuit City parking lot are set poorly and a large part of the parking lot gets pelted with water.  Now in these days of ecomnomic challenges and water shortages (at least in our area) this is a pretty bad practice. However, today was different… as Javier drove by he noticed a car parked in the area covered by the wayward sprinkler and a man, with soap and a rag, washing his car! I LOVE it! I certainly don’t know this guy’s situation but he is doing a great thing on many fronts: 1) he is putting a wasted resource to good use, 2) he is conserving excess water usage in a time of drought, 3) he isn’t spending money on a car wash, 4) he is providing a level of amusement and curiosity to those driving on their way to work. (I SO wish I had a picture to post of this… I’ll blame that on Javier though!)

So… keep your eyes open… find the wayward sprinklers in your area… and get to washin’.  This is definitely an idea that could work for me! Check out more tips here.

a sauna in the pantry

We have a pantry. It’s pretty large and happens to have MASSIVE steam pipes running through it that feed into the whole building… that’s just where they ended up… in our pantry. Typically they have really heavy insulation on them and while it makes the room hot, it works out fairly well (and it’s a GREAT place to put bread to rise!).
This morning there was a puddle and a slow drip coming off the steam pipe through the insulation. Uh oh…. called maintenance.  After stripping the insulation they realized the pipe blew a gasket at one of the connector thingamabobs. So now we have steam leaking into the pantry… until they go down in a manhole tomorrow morning to shut the whole thing down to repair it.
It’s audible…. psssssss…… constantly…. I need to turn my music up.
Yet another exciting tale from the land of res hall living… I mean come on, how many of you have saunas in your pantry!